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Designed for commercial and semi decorative applications. They have a wide range of compact fluorescent lamp options. Its stylish slim appearance allows it to suit a wide variety of applications. The KL420 is surface mounted version, whilst the KL425 is a semi-recessed version.
  • The diffuser is injection moulded from fire retardant polycarbonate. The base is spun steel which can be finished in chrome or brass plate or powder coated white. The diffuser clips into the body by means of 4 springs which allows the fitting to be ceiling or wall mounted. Many wattages are available with integral emergency and all feature a removable gear tray. The units is IP20 rated.

  • The body can be mounted via a central BESA box fixing or alternatively there are 3 stand off on the rear of the fitting through which it can be mounted. In all cases it is imperative that an air gap is maintained at the back of the fitting between it and the surface upon which it is mounted, to maintain the control gear at the correct operating temperature.
  • All components are European branded and offer a 5 year warranty

  • EM Integral emergency on 1 lamp to maintain the lamp at approx.10% of it's normal output for 3 hours. Self Test is also available
    HFD This special control gear designed to allow the lamps to be dimmed in various ways. Can be controlled by ambient light level, presence of people or with an IR hand-held device. These systems can be linked to computers for total lighting control in a building.
    PIRTECH A range of integral sensors are available to cover most applications

Lamp & Electrical Data

Part NumberLamp TypeLumensCircuit Watts
KL420-2D8-HF 28 w 2D 2050 28.7
KL420-2D38-HF 38 w 2D 2850 39.7
KL420-140-T5 40 w T5 3300 43.5
KL420-155-T5 55 w T5 4400 60.0
KL425-2D8-HF 28 w 2D 2050 28.7
KL425-2D38-HF 38 w 2D 2850 39.7